How do I get started?

First of all we invite you in for an exploratory interview.  Unfortunately, we can’t help everybody; You have to qualify for our program.  We will answer your questions and determine if you have a good chance to profit from SET.  The treatment will be performed together with your partner or a good friend, since the support of a partner leads to 30% more pain reduction than doing SET by yourself. Chronic pain is often related to different social factors and therefore the pain can only be removed by uniting these factors.

The SET program typically lasts 5 weeks and consists of 2 hour sessions twice weekly. We create a treatment plan with you and your partner that is compatible with your professional and personal duties. After completion of the therapy, we discuss the results and your future goals.  We are of course available to you post-therapy.

We also ask for participation in 3 additional tests. A sleep lab study, measurement of your blood values during daily stress situations, and measurements during over-excitation of your sympathetic nervous system. As part of the program, you agree to participate in a follow-up study, as we are continuously trying to improve our results.